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Yumiko Satou (佐藤 由美子, Satō Yumiko) is a minor character of City Hunter. She is an actress who stars in a show called "Murder in Broad Daylight" with Norihiro Kano (who appears in Vol. 3 Ch. 11 where he plays the role as Kazuto) and she plays the role as Kyoko (きょうこ, Kyōko).



Yumiko appears as a nonchalant (of a person or manner) feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm) woman who puts her career first and is rumored as 'a woman who does not fall in love', despite playing such roles in movies successfully. Initially hiding, she later reveals her true feelings and thoughts to Ryo Saeba and resolves to forget about her boyfriend. 


After a dangerous attempt on a filming set, the City Hunter Team is hired to protect Yumiko. During his stint as her bodyguard, Ryo Saeba discovers a real gun in her possession. As things grow out of proportion, Ryo meets an old friend, who was hired by Yumiko for personal reasons.


Keiichi Saeki[]

Yumiko loves Keiichi dearly, who is everything to her and is afraid of losing him. To some extent, this relationship is partly why she shuns from love. She had wanted to end her life thinking that nothing is left for her after he's gone. However, she soon resolves to forget him.

Watabe Production President[]

He seems to genuinely care for Yumiko and is the one who hired City Hunter to protect her. There doesn't seem to be much communication between them.