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Yuki Minagawa (皆川 由貴, Minagawa Yuki) is a side character of City Hunter.


Yuki's smile and captivating charm makes sales double and she even has her own "fan club".


Yuki is a very kind and considerate girl, and despite her vast wealth she is very generous and hard-working. However, she is also very naitve and ignorant of the ways of the world, being completely oblivious about things like dates, gang wars or even romantic love due to her mostly sheltered life caused by her over-protective father, but as she began spending more time with Ryo she slowly began to understand love and the ways of the world. Her fondness for Ryo eventually grew into a full blown love but Ryo ultimately ended it before anything could happen so as to help Yuki mature, with Ryo remaining content with being remembered as her first love.


Donald Mag cashier, Yuki Minagawa

Yuki at her new job.

Yuki comes from a very wealthy family. In order to earn their own money, she works as a waitress in a diner. Ryo Saeba is hired by Yuki's father as a bodyguard to protect her from the "animals" (his term for men). Yuki is very excited about Ryo, because he is so kind to care for them. Ryo is the first man who can talk to and allowed to stay near her, because her father has never allowed her. longer she spends time with Ryo Ryo the more it closes the heart. Ryo calls them to make their first date. Very insecure she looks, what the other couples. Yuki is a wisp of a girl, innocent of every kind and friendly. Ryo they referred to as a flower in a greenhouse and Yuki wants to help develop strength. Never in his life has been in love with Yuki and does not know the feeling of being in love. Over time, Yuki feels that her heart begins to beat strongly and suddenly you will be very different when they look at Ryo. The smile faded voön Yuki. This change is not only the boss, but Yuki's "fan base". Totally confused because of their "symptoms" , they look for help from Council Kaori Makimura . But she makes her course for this disease ("love") there is no remedy. Desperate, she runs away, but Ryo knows an "antidote". You need only to look at him.


Her family[]

Yuki cares dearly about her family, especially her father who was her main motivation for getting a job in the first place in order to buy him a birthday present. Despite her love and respect for family, she was not above defying her father to pursue a job and become more independent, even if her father failed to realize it was for his own sake until the end. It was upon realizing this that Yuki's father realized that he was wrong to shelter his daughter and even confidingly asked his wife if he was a good father despite being suspicious of her job, with Yuki's father ultimately deciding to allow her more freedom.