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Yuka Nogami (野上 優香 Nogami Yūka) is a minor character of City Hunter. She is a younger sister of Saeko Nogami and Reika Nogami.




Yuka is first introduced running away from the police and luckily finds a drunk Ryo Saeba in an alley where he sleepily caresses her, which she retaliates by hitting him with a beer bottle and then hiding behind him in his jacket when Saeko Nogami finds him in the alley. Yuka lies to Ryo about why she needs to hide.

Kaori Makimura catches up to the pair when Yuka tries to force him into a hotel so she can hide from her sister. Kaori mistakes the situation and hits Ryo with her hammer. The three end up going back to their apartment building where Reika and Saeko catches them.

According to Kaori, she exclaims that "Yuka-chan is the famous mystery novelist Kitano Yuka!?" When Ryo Saeba asks "Who's that?", Kaori replies that "She's called "Second Coming Jirou Akagawa"!" (*TL Note: Jirou Akagawa is a famous Japanese novelist known for his humorous mysteries).

Kaori then explains that "In junior high, she received the prize for best mystery, making her the youngest prizewinner! This year she entered high school and published her first work which immediately made her famous! She's a genius writer! Her work even became a best seller!"

She wrote her book based off of Reika Nogami's case and her second book based off of police data she stole from Saeko's computer and Saeko was after Yuka because she stole more police data. Yuka decides to spend time with Ryo to learn about the City Hunter and get inspiration for her new book.