Umibozu and Ryo know them from the battlefield, as they have both previously worked as a mercenary. He is a true beefcake that looks scary.His muscles are so hardened that it small balls do not mind. Ryo and he lead a kind of male friendship : either they argue or fight together.Usually he wears an olive green military uniform and always in his " S & W 44 Magnum with 6 "barrel , he preferred but his bazooka with which it all bombed to smithereens . His means of transport is his beloved military-terrain jeep. He's the type " Hard shell, soft core ", the topic of women and feelings like he did not, because then he easily gets a red head and started stuttering device. Cat meows and everything just before he is terrified and Ryo uses it often for fun, but even his enemies to know his weakness. When dealing with women and children, he is a changed man, but always tries to keep his countenance and is slightly embarrassed. Umibozu is a rather taciturn man, but Ryo and Saekocan trust him blindly when danger lurks. Due to his size, you would never think that he is a good-hearted man, and were interested in the concerns of his friends. Umibozu feels to help if someone tries something and depressed whenever he can, even if it costs a little overcome.

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