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Umibozu (海坊主, Umibōzu), real name Hayato Ijuin (伊集院 隼人, Ijūin Hayato) and professional name Falcon (ファルコン, Farukon), is a sweeper working the streets of Tokyo, usually reluctantly alongside Ryo Saeba. He is also the owner of the Cats Eye Cafe.


Umibozu is a tall, large, bald man with muscular physique.

He is usually seen in an olive green military uniform and black shade.

In Season 2, Episode 5, when Azusa Nakayama asks Umibozu if "you have a girlfriend?" (which makes him blush in the process) during an interview, Ryo Saeba comments on how "One look at that face, and even a female gorilla in a zoo would run."


Despite his fearsome appearance, Umibozu has a phobia of cats, especially kittens and he is extremely shy with women where he is often blushing.


Umibozu goes by the professional name Falcon while his real name is Hayato Ijuin (伊集院 隼人, Ijūin Hayato) (borrowed from Hayato Ichimonji) and his nickname Umibozu was given by Ryo Saeba.

In the later part of the manga, he loses his sight after his optic nerve was injured and became the shop owner of "Cat's Eye Cafe", although much of his skills still remain.

Angel Heart[]

Umibozu also appears in Angel Heart, a work based on a parallel world of 'City Hunter'. (Proceed here to learn more about it.)


As a mercenary, Umibozu is well adept with laying traps and guerilla tactics and seems to be skillful in many other aspects of things as well. As a sweeper, his level is nearly on par with Ryo Saeba.


Umibozu's favorite transport is the Toyota Land Cruiser 60, a military-terrain jeep. A Ford 4WD


Umibozu's choice of weapons are heavy weapons like the bazooka, German MG42  and Stielhandgranate 24, but he likes the Smith & Wesson Model 29 six-shot, double-action revolver, which he would choose should there be a duel with Ryo Saeba.


Ryo Saeba[]

Umibozu and Ryo have a history dating back to the civil war in Central America and they share a kind of frenemy relationship. As partners, they have joined hands in many cases for the jobs in Japan. In the later part of the manga, although Umibozu was being robbed of his sight by Ryo in an incident, he held no ill-feelings for Ryo and merely accepted it as a Cause & Effect of a conflict. 


Miki is a beautiful sweeper who is Umibozu's partner and in the later part of the story, his wife. They manage "Cat's Eye Cafe" together. As an orphan from a civil war, she was raised by Umibozu and taught self-defense. When she wanted to join as a mercenary, Umibozu lied to her and left her behind, in order for her to pursue her life as an ordinary woman away from the battlefield. In order to realize her dream of marrying him, she pursued him and reappeared before him in Japan. The turning point in their relationship however was when Umibozu's sight deteriorated, it concluded and fulfilled her wish. Their marriage ceremony is in Vol.35. 

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