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Sonia Field (ソニア・フィールド, Sonia Fīrudo) is a minor character of City Hunter. She is the daughter of Kenny Field who knows Ryo Saeba from 10 years ago.


Sonia is considered a beauty with blonde hair that is cut short (which accentuates her soft model-like features) with bangs swept to the left side, green eyes and she possesses a curvaceous figure.

When Ryo Saeba sees Sonia in the Cats Eye cafe talking to Umibozu, he doesn't recognize her at first and calls her a "blond mokkori beauty".



Sonia is the daughter of one of Ryo Saeba's former partners, Kenny Field, from his time in the U.S. She was one of the top sweepers in the U.S until her father died (which she says is due to a traffic accident). After his death, she reads his will and learns that her father wants to have nothing more to do with the underground world of mercenaries and sweepers. Her current occupation is an office worker.

Many years later, Sonia discovered the truth of her father's death. Wanting to gain revenge for Ryo Saeba, Sonia hires to Umibozu to kill Ryo. But Umibozu only accepted the request if Ryo would accept a duel against him.

She also states that she hasn't seen Ryo in 10 years.


When Sonia appears to Umibozu in the Cats Eye cafe, she holds a grudge against Ryo Saeba for killing her father Kenny Field and wants revenge. It is shown that she phoned Umibozu the day before to request his services in killing Ryo.


Ryo Saeba[]

In the past, Sonia would say that if she were to marry, the only person she would marry would be Ryo.