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Shin Kaibara (海原 神, Kaibara Shin) was a guerilla fighter fighting alongside Ryo Saeba and Bloody Mary's father. Currently he is the leader of Union Teope, a drug syndicate.


Kaibara appears like a calm, easygoing gentleman but hides a darker, twisted personality.


During his time as a guerilla fighter, he was considered a top fighter alongside Bloody Mary's father and Kaibara. Ryo Saeba would end up being trained by both of them. Being of Japanese descent, Ryo would gravitate more towards Kaibara and the two developed a father-son relationship despite not being blood related. It is revealed in Vol. 33 Ch. 179 that Kaibara gave Ryo his name.

Having endured many riots in a foreign country and spending every day killing is suggested to have drove Kaibara insane. When the war reached a point where the guerilla fighters faced the threat of extermination by the local government, Kaibara devised an operation. Bloody Mary describes it as "horrifying".

Kaibara's operation involved distributing "Angel Dust" amongst soldiers as a way of creating an "immortal army". The operation was rejected but Kaibara wouldn't give up his idea. Soon enough, he managed to trick one soldier into taking Angel Dust to prove the value of his idea. The soldier managed to kill an entire squad of government soldiers by himself. Bloody Mary says the cruelty display was indescribable. But the soldier was on the verge of death and would require a length period of time to recover.

The companions of this soldier were scarred by the result and Kaibara was removed from the squad. It is revealed that the soldier who took the Angel Dust was Ryo.

In the present time, Kaibara is the head of the Union Teope Syndicate. Kaibara orchestrated the death of Hideyuki Makimura by giving one his men angel dust. Few years later orchestrated the death of Mick Angel, an associate of Ryo, through a plane explosion and comes to visit Ryo in Tokyo. However, Ryo is not home and instead he is greeted by Kaori Makimura who invites him in.


  • In the manga, Shin Kaibara is not the same person from another character in Cat's Eye named Shin Kaibara. It is stated by Tsukasa Hojo on City Hunter volume 33 that they are both different characters despite having similar names and design.


  • A similar character of Shin Kaibara also appeared in the series Cat's Eye is episode 26. Though it is not the same person from City Hunter despite the same name and design
  • Tsukasa Hojo mentioned in Volume 33 that Shin Kaibara is designed after his favorite British actor.