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Sayuri Tachiki (立木 さゆり, Tachiki Sayuri) is a minor character of City Hunter 2. She is a chief editor and the biological older sister of Kaori Makimura who searched her for years.


Unlike her tomboyish biological younger sister Kaori Makimura, Sayuri is a proper and feminine young woman with long dark red-brown hair and brown eyes.


When Sayuri was 10 years old, her parents divorce shortly after Kaori gave birth. Separating from her sister Kaori, Sayuri's mother tried to search for them, but wasn't able to. Her mother just assumed that her father and sister died when they both left.

Years later, Sayuri became Chief Editor for the Weekly News Magazine. It was only until before her mother died is when Sayuri's mother told her, that her sister Kaori might be alive. For two years, Sayuri searched to find her missing sister. She found out that her father Junichi Hisaishi died in Tokyo and her sister was adopted by a detective named Makimura.


  • At first glance, Ryo Saeba couldn’t believe someone as beautiful and graceful-looking as Sayuri could be Kaori Makimura’s biological sister until he tries to put the moves on her did she responded with a Hyperspace Mallet.