Gender: Female
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Affiliation: Princess Alma
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Salina is the girl escort of Princess Alma. 

Personality & AppearanceEdit


When Alma and they arrived at the airport in Tokyo to flee, she, because both have long suspect that someone wants to evacuate the princess out of the way. Ryo is given the task to protect their princess, but before meeting with Ryo and Kaori Salina slips into the role of the princess. Thus, it also appears credible, Salina wears the bracelet engraved with the coat of arms of the royal family. The first meeting between her and Ryo runs for him from something painful. Ryo's enthusiasm has to protect this child has been limited, but Salina knows exactly how Ryo can retune. If Salina satisfied with his work, she promises him a harem ( including Alma ). On that promise a very important condition is linked - Ryo should not meet with other women, including Alma falls. often Des Salina Ryo must always remind most forceful of the promise and does not let Alma and Ryo out of sight. Salina is very cunning and knows how it can Ryo keep you going. Furthermore, it is very direct with their choice of words and truly should not be underestimated. As with Ryo jumps Alma perceives as too strict and Salina also has in their place. Salina does this only to protect but to Alma. The two grew up together and could be sisters, because Salina Alma knows by heart. Role play is blown, as Salina is Alma and ensures meekly Kaori tells the whole truth. Since Ryo's reputation as a Casanova him far ahead of its time, she had this idea. In Kaori she has to prove now an ally to Alma Ryo's true character. Ryo finally to keep away from Alma, she confirmed Ryo suspect Alma was a man and gives a plausible explanation. The urge to want to protect their princess is very large, but she does not consider Alma's feelings.