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Saeko Nogami (野上 冴子, Nogami Saeko) is the secondary character of the City Hunter series. She is a Tokyo police detective who often outsources certain tasks to the City Hunter team whom Ryo Saeba keeps a long and detailed list where Saeko owes him for the various favors he's done for her, in which she always manages to avoid.


Saeko is a beautiful young woman possessing a great physique and confidence with shoulder-length dark-blue hair that has bangs swept to the right side, blue eyes, full pink lips and she has a buxom figure with large breasts, which is a huge part of why she's considered so attractive and she often makes use of them to distract men.

Her main outfit consists of a white jacket that has two buttons at the bottom with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, a knee-length dark-purple sweetheart dress that has thigh-high slits on each side while the top part reveals part of her chest and blue heels.


Saeko is a cunning woman who knows exactly what she wants and she is dubbed the 'Vixen' of the Tokyo metropolitan police department.

As part of her sex appeal, she sometimes wear slit skirts, to which in one case writing on her thigh a job offer for Ryo Saeba when she was filmed in an airport during a hostage situation. She's willing to put her legs out on display for the sake of seducing her male target in order to get what she wants and the Sexy Slit Dress she frequently wears makes it easy for her to do this.


City Hunter[]

Saeko is the eldest daughter of the police chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who works as a detective in the police force.

Angel Heart[]

(Angel Heart is another manga no the continuation a the City Hunter, Information based on the own words of the creator of both manga City Hunter and Angel Heart, Tsukasa Hojo.)

In the spin-off Angel Heart, Saeko was the chief of police who used to date Hideyuki Makimura and was implied to be waiting for Hideyuki's proposal. In later chapters, Saeko's hidden dream was to have a normal family with Ryo Saeba, implying her shift in romantic interest.



Saeko drives a red Porsche 930 Turbo.  


Saeko carries an alternated version of the police revolver and she has hidden knives within reach for self-defense purposes. Even though she is left-handed, she also shows her right hand with a gun. In Angel Heart, she carries Walther PPK and Glock-19.


Hideyuki Makimura[]

In City Hunter, Saeko was Hideyuki's former partner in the police department.

In Angel Heart, they had shared a romantic relationship and she currently remains single after his death.

Ryo Saeba[]

Unknown or not specified in the manga City Hunter.

Saeko uses Ryo with certain missions that can not be done by the police. In turn, Ryo calls her when he needs someone arrested. Ryo keeps a long detailed of the favors she owes him which he wants sexual favors in response. She successfully avoids them but is often a target of his sexual harassment.

Reika Nogami[]

Reika is Saeko's younger sister whom she worked in the Tokyo Police Department together before becoming a detective.

Yuka Nogami[]

Despite only appearing in the manga, Yuka is Saeko's younger sister who is a famous novel writer.

Chief Nogami[]

Her father is an Inspector General who keeps setting up her up on omiai(marriage meetings) which she always gets out of by wanting a man stronger and more cunning than she.


  • Saeko's name is different in two different languages:
    • In the Italian dub of the TV series, she is called "Selene", but the Italian dubs of all of the movies and specials refer to her by her original Japanese name.
    • In France, her name is "Hélène Lamberti", though the French dubs of the movies and specials refer to her by her original Japanese name. However, for Shinjuku Private Eyes, she's back to being "Hélène Lamberti".
  • Saeko has such a large bust that she needs to have her bra custom made.
  • Saeko's age isn't specified, but she's implied to be over 25, possibly 30 near the end of the manga.
  • Ryo Saeba keeps a long and detailed list of what Saeko owes him for the various favors he's done for her, which she always manages to avoid paying.
  • According to Ryo in Episode 41, he comments on how Saeko's bust is "34 inches, close! Saeko loses by half an inch." compared to Reika Nogami's bust size.
  • Her nickname is "The Female Panther of the Police Station. "