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Rosemary Moon (ローズ・マリー・ムーン, Rōzumarī Mūn), a.k.a Bloody Mary (ブラッディ・マリィー, Buraddi Maryī), is a former partner/assistant of Ryo Saeba and a fellow professional sweeper who currently works as a model where she gained international fame for a commercial that only showed her backside.


Bloody Mary is an attractive young woman with golden-blonde hair that often covers one of her eyes to give her a Femme Fatale: an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who is likely to cause distress or disaster to a man who becomes involved with her allure, mint-green eyes, orange lipstick and large breasts, which Ryo Saeba describes as "extraordinary".

Naturally, Bloody Mary is very beautiful as she makes a living by being a model and she easily turns heads when she walks out in public.



Ryo Saeba[]

Being his former partner, Bloody Mary is very easy-going and flirty around Ryo that she even goes so far as to joke with him that they're still engaged after their last meeting.

One scene that show how casual she is with Ryo is when Ryo wakes her up to scold her about revealing personal details about him to Kaori Makimura. She wakes up, throwing her blanket over Ryo to reveal that she sleeps naked. Seeing a flustered Ryo, she proceeds to act intimate with him by throwing her arms around his neck just as Kaori barges in with her hammer.

Kaori Makimura[]

At first, Bloody Mary is hostile towards Kaori, seeing her as an inept assistant who's not worthy of Ryo Saeba, but she warms up to her after they start working together.

Bloody Mary seems to get along well with Kaori. An example is that she jokes with Kaori that she is Ryo's housekeeper but then suggests that they ought to get married. They even team up to take out the villain keeping Bloody Mary's love interest hostage.

When she departs to America with Eric to start a new life, she wishes Ryo and Kaori happiness.


It is suggested that Bloody Mary and Umibozu share a history as she is surprised when they arrive at a birthday party Umbozu attends and Ryo Saeba tells her that Umibozu and him have a truce.

Later, Mary remarks that the old Ryo she knew wouldn't have done the same.


Eric is Bloody Mary's manager and romantic partner in normal, everyday life.

Code Name[]


  • Bloody Mary usually doesn't drink much, but she is a heavy drinker when attending social events to the point of passing out drunk.
  • Bloody Mary sleeps with no clothes on to reaffirm her image as an exotic beauty and she does it even when staying at Ryo Saeba's apartment, much to his and Kaori Makimura's shock.
  • Rosemary's codename "Bloody Mary" is named after a cocktail drink and the reason why she chose this name is actually ironically because it is her favorite drink and not because of any of her feats.
    • Bloody Mary is also the name of a folklore about a phantom, ghost or spirit who appears in a mirror when a person repeatedly chants her name.