Reiko is an ambitious news anchor and the best horse in the stable by the TV station YVT . Reiko does not want anyone mucking her at work, and rejects the help of her boss Taka Tsuchiya from because her new job. Furthermore, she is a confident and quick-witted woman and does not need any further assistance. Reiko takes her job very seriously and wants that people perceive to their screens, the news. It infuriated her even more when she is loved only because of her pretty face from the audience. The ratings reflect their popularity again, as with any other presenter are the odds so high. Background: A prominent politician is involved in a scandal and a reporter from the TV station to make an exclusive report about it. 'But since at the scandal should be links to the Mafia, the reporters want to reject the order for security reasons. 'The only person who takes over the reportage, Reiko. 'Your boss is worried about the safety of Reiko and protection are 'Ryo' and 'Kaori' Reiko in their work.

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