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Princess Alma (アルマ王女, Aruma Ōjo) is a secondary character of City Hunter 2.


Princess Alma has shoulder-length dark-brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes.

She is seen in several different outfits:

  • The first one is a short sleeve polo, a blue skirt and white heels.
  • The second one is a pink dress suit.
  • In the end, she is seen in a traditional Middle East dress.


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Princess Alma is a princess of Celigena, a fictional small Middle East principality. Celigena has a custom for its leader that he (or she) must make a courtesy visit around the world before inauguration. However, after the inauguration Alma won't be able to leave her country, so this is her last trip. So Alma is visiting Japan with her ​​lady-in-waiting Salina. However, both of them disappeared from the airport right after landing, which leads to a conclusion among her retinue that Alma is in danger. Another problem is that no one in Japan knows how Princess Alma and Salina look. However, there's one detail known about the princess - she wears a bracelet with coat of arms of the royal family engraved on it. 

Meanwhile, Alma and Salina hire Ryo Saeba as a bodyguard. They meet with Ryo and Kaori Makimura, but knowing Ryo's nature, they exchange roles between them - Alma takes a role of Salina, and Salina poses as Alma. Alma says that want to make some nice memories of Japan before returning to home. 

Ryo becomes enamored with Alma (although he thinks that she's Salina), and he tries to get closer to Alma. But he has a problem of approaching Alma since Salina (Ryo thinks that she's Alma), her lady-in-waiting, strictly guards Alma. Finally Ryo manages to bypass Salina, but he encounters another obstacle - Alma's noble aura that prevents Ryo from touching her, because Ryo gets a shock damage when trying to do so. Alma's aura has some magical power because Alma has a royal blood (according to Salina). 

Alma runs away in tears

Alma runs away in tears

Alma is a very warm person and does not condemn people prematurely. After Kaori is found out that Alma is the real princess, she wants to show her Ryo's true character. But Alma can Kaori and Salina did not understand fear. Her he has always behaved exemplary and risked his life for them, as foreigners have tried to kidnap Alma. Otherwise she is completely enchanted by Ryo, not every man will do so for them. So they responded to the warnings by Kaori stubborn and Salina. When Alma once switched on stubborn is no remedy against it. Over time Ryo conjecture stronger Alma was a man, because she resists his macho power always. Alma felt that Ryo turns away from her and she can not bear the thought of as real. Ryo Alma actually holds for a man desperate and ashamed she runs away and does not dare to look into the eyes Ryo. Salina suspected that Alma has forgiven her heart to Ryo. When the misunderstanding is eliminated from the world, Alma is a sigh of relief. But the fact that she is the princess in reality, she tells him not so much she wants to. Alma and Salina have grown up together and are more like sisters. She would never let you down Salina and is very compassionate. In her country, the whole nation is on their side. The compassion is also their greatest weakness and its enemies have an easy time. In case of imminent danger Alma and Salina had a deal - Alma should immediately return to Celigena.