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Nicky Larson et le Parfum de Cupidon (lit. Nicky Larson and Cupid's Perfume) is a French action-comedy film based on the manga and accompanying anime series directed by Philippe Lacheau.

The Japanese version titled City Hunter the Movie: The Incense Mission (シティーハンター THE MOVIE 史上最香のミッション) premiered on its local theatres on November 29, 2019.


Nicky Larson is an unusual private investigator, as well as being a talented street fighter and sniper. He is often called on to solve problems that no one can solve. Aided by his partner Laura, he offers multiple services to his customers, more or less dangerous. But, as professional and famous as he is, he has a major flaw: his particularly exacerbated penchant for the fairer sex, much to Laura's chagrin.

One of his clients entrusts him one day the mission to protect the "Cupid's Perfume", a fragrance that makes anyone who wears it absolutely irresistible. But a moment of distraction on Larson's part allowed thugs to seize it. Can Larson recover the perfume by then?


  • Philippe Lacheau: Nicky Larson
  • Élodie Fontan: Laura Marconi
  • Tarek Boudali: Poncho
  • Julien Arruti: Gilbert Skippy
  • Didier Bourdon: Dominique Lettelier
  • Kamel Guenfoud: Mammouth
  • Sophie Mousel: Hélène Lamberti
  • Raphaël Personnaz: Tony Marconi
  • Pamela Anderson: Jessica Fox
  • Gérard Jugnot: the psychologist
  • Chantal Ladesou: the Gilbert's stepmother
  • Audrey Lamy: the Gilbert's wife
  • Jarry: M. Mokkori
  • Reem Kherici: the tattooed girl
  • Pascal Boisson: Paco
  • Jérôme Le Banner: Joe
  • Arben Bajraktaraj: gangster
  • Achille Potier: Jordan, the Gilbert's son
  • Brice Coutellier: Gangster
  • Elisa Bachir Bey: Mmodel
  • Adja Kaba: Model
  • Noémie Demeule: Model
  • Liya Kebede: Dominique Lettelier
  • Dorothée: Airport hostess
  • Jean-Paul Césari: singer at the party Fashion Police
  • Vincent Ropion: Jean-Michel Lavoix
  • Medi Sadoun: Inspector Gadget
  • Justine Le Pottier: driving school student





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