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Natsumi Azuki (亜月 菜摘, Azuki Natsumi) is a minor character of City Hunter series. She is the older sister of Yuuko Azuki who was killed by a serial killer.


Natsumi has shoulder-length brown hair that has bangs hanging on the right side and brown eyes.

She wears three different outfits:

  • On her meeting with Ryo Saeba, she is wearing turquoise dress with a brown belt, a jewelry necklace and blue heels.
  • When being outside, she wears blue dress and a dark purple trench coat.
  • When going to bed, she wears a purple pajama.



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The plot is generally the same, but with some differences:

  • There's no intro with Ryo Saeba shooting a rare sword with sniper rifle.
  • Natsumi doesn't hit Ryo with a table upon their acquaintance.
  • Natsumi comes to Ryo's apartment following his invitation while Ryo comes to Natsumi's in the anime.
  • There's other character present - Ryo's female "friend". Natsumi gets "attacked" by her as she mistook Natsumi for Ryo and said that she wanted to seduce Ryo. Natsumi fells disgusted because of that, and tries to leave (in anime Natsumi tries to leave because Ryo's attempts to hit on her).
  • Ryo hides not under the bed, but under a mattress.
  • Natsumi sees a nightmare about her sister (not shown in the anime)
  • Ryo just sends two notes to frighten the killer, nothing else.
  • Final fight between the killer and Ryo occurs in the port, not in the park as shown in anime.
  • The killer attacks another girl, only to be stopped with crossbow's bolt fired by Ryo. The girl runs away (not shown in the anime).