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Mr. Mumble (孟波, Meng Bo) is a 1996 Hong Kong action-comedy film. This movie is an unofficial adaptation of City Hunter where as the characters names are changed but still kept the original concept.


An action-comedy about a sharpshooter from the S.W.A.T team (SDU) in Hong Kong who gets fired for failing to show up in time for a hostage mission because he was womanizing at a local disco. Out of a job, he meets a beautiful wandering girl, at his friend's pub and takes her in not knowing she is the daughter of a triad boss. She is hunted and Mr. Mumble becomes her bodyguard. At first, she is disgusted with the fact that Mumble was always trying to get into the sack with her. But when danger arises, Mumble utilizes his special skills to serve and protect. In the end, does Mumble get his woman?


  • Michael Man-Kin Chow: Ryo Saeba / Mr. Mumble
  • Paulyn Sun: Yuki / Cher Sharon (as Pauline Suen)


  • This is the second HK drama film adaptation of City Hunter.

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