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Mitsuko Shimizu (清水 美津子 Shimizu Mitsuko) is a minor character of City Hunter series. She is a biologist.


Mitsuko has shoulder-length blue hair that has bangs swept to the right side and blue eyes.

She is seen in two outfits:

  • The first outfit consists of a light orange turtleneck blouse, a burgundy suit and a red skirt.
  • The second outfit consists of pink skirt suit with gray blouse. She wears triangular golden earrings and carries a white handbag with her.


Due to her dedication to her work, Mitsuko has sacrificed a part of her social life. Like most women, she is able to trust Ryo Saeba as a sweeper. Although initially she gets put off by his advances and antics, but through the time spent with him, she starts to feel more comfortable and safe with him around, even contemplating that she might consider having a relationship with him.



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  • "After I finish with the vaccine, I'll give you studying a try." - Mitsuko to Ryo Saeba