MillionDollarConspiracy VHScover

VHS Cover Art Million Dollar Conspiracy

The Million Dollar Conspiracy (百万ドルの陰謀, Hyakuman Doru no Inbou, lit. Plot of a $1,000,000) is the third City Hunter OVA/film. It was realeased in August 25, 1990


A belle named Emily shows up from L.A, seeking bodyguard services from Ryo. Her identity however is proven to be a CIA investigator, who is on pursuit of Douglas, wanting revenge on him who killed her older brother.

On one hand, a conspiracy is hatched by an internal CIA double agent. On the other, Kaori is held hostage by Douglas. As the identity of the double agent is revealed, Ryo goes all out to save Kaori despite knowing its snare. In the moment of truth, the trigger of fate is drawn...

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