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Miki (美樹) is a secondary character of City Hunter series. She is a former mercenary and caretaker of the Cat's Eye cafe.


Miki is a beautiful twenty year old sweeper with upper-back length dark-violet hair that has bangs hanging on the left side, blue-grey eyes and full pink lips.


Miki is very open to new friendships and distinguished by her helpfulness. She is the only woman she does not succumb to Ryo Saeba's charm because the man with whom she wants to spend her life is Umibozu even if she sometimes can not understand his stubborn behavior.

After her time as a mercenary, she has learned how to handle weapons and to endure in difficult circumstances. Her will is iron and it can not be beaten so easily.

In hazardous situations, she remains calm and makes a picture of the first event, before reacting with caution. Outwardly, Miki shows strong and knows also set to verbally fight back, but sometimes they must leave their repressed feelings and fears run wild, of which it has also no problem. The biggest fear she has is if anything should happen to the love of her life and her friends .

She is a very warm and caring person who is always ready with a smile. Derogatory comments about their loved ones makes her angry and hurt her, especially if they come from Ryo's mouth. Nobody knows better than Miki and she knows when you're hiding something or when something is on your mind. Miki is a very loyal person, especially to Umibozu and would be willing to help someone even in a dire situation.


City Hunter[]

As an orphan from a civil war, Miki was raised by Umibozu and taught self-defense. 



In City Hunter, Miki has known Umibozu from her time as a mercenary and fervently wants to be his wife. In order to realize her dream of marrying him, she pursued him and reappeared before him in Japan. In Vol.35, her wish was fulfilled and they were married. 


As with Saeko Nogami and Reika Nogami, Miki is a precise shooter who is trained in self-defense and has improved as a top notch since training on her own. She is also a master of hypnosis.


Miki's choice of weapon would be the Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum with a loading capacity of six rounds.


  • Miki does not appear to have a family name.
  • In France, Miki's name is either "Mirna" or "Mimi", but the French dubs of the movies and specials refer to her by her original Japanese name. However, for the French dub of Shinjuku Private Eyes, she's back to being "Mimi".




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