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Megumi Iwasaki (岩崎 めぐみ Iwasaki Megumi) is a minor character of City Hunter. She is a 27-years-old doctor and the girlfriend of Shunichi Ogino.


Megumi has long brown wavy hair that has bangs hanging on the left side and brown eyes.

She wears three different outfits:

  • Her casual wear consists of a teal shirt with same-colored skirt and a beige trench coat.
  • While in the hospital, she wears white shirt with black tie, teal skirt and a white doctor robe.
  • At home, she wears a pink robe.



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The plot is generally the same, but with some differences:

  • There's no scene of Ryo Saeba glaring at tennis girls.
  • Megumi doesn't drink alcohol to ease her pain.
  • Ryo doesn't visit Megumi at hospital and he doesn't discuss job details after sneaking to Megumi's apartment. Instead of that, Ryo meets Megumi in a coffee shop, where Ryo simulates stomachache, attracting Megumi's attention. He tries to grope her there, and gets a punch to his face from Megumi. Ryo tells her that his face will need treatment, like her boyfriend Ogino, and Megumi understands, that Ryo is that sweeper she hired. They discuss job details standing together on a pedestrian bridge.
  • Ryo doesn't make any special bullet for Inagaki.
  • Ryo doesn't visit Megumi at her apartment again. Instead, Megumi just receives an envelope with a ticket to the match from Ryo (probably by mail).