City Hunter - XYZ -
シティーハンター ―XYZ―
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Hardboiled Comedy,
Shounen, Short Compilation


Tsukasa Hojo






City Hunter - Double Edge

History & InformationEdit

It all started from the critically acclaimed one-shot masterpiece, "City Hunter - XYZ", the debut stage of Ryo Saeba, that won the Readers' Award as well as the Winning Award in Issue 18 of the Weekly Shounen Jump. Its sequel "City Hunter - Double Edge" was also serialized under the same publication, from 1985's Issue 13 to 1991's Issue 50. Followed by its predecessor "Cat's♥Eye", City Hunter is Tsukasa Hojo's second serialization series.


"City Hunter" is a hard-boiled comedy depicting the activities of a sweeper "City Hunter", who undertakes the roles of the detective, bodyguard and assassination in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Since it was portrayed as a modern drama theme, the stage was set in the latter half of the 1980s. The events of the story was very much devised in a way that would form a basis structure; in which the idea is that the main character would receive requests from beautiful ladies, that would be multiplied in a sense by having more characters and requests. However, the general rule would require that each case and character is individual of its own and once solved, they would not resurface. 


While 35 tankobon volumes of "City Hunter" were released under Jump Comics, in 1996 to 1997, 18 volumes of its paperback editions have been released under Shueisha Library. From 2004 till 2005, the "City Hunter COMPLETE EDITION" were released under the label of Tokuma Shoten, consisting of 32+3(X,Y,Z extra issues); in which, X and Y are illustration collections 1 and 2, while Z is a short compilation. This complete edition also includes a supplementary CD which contains the first TV anime series' ending theme song "Get Wild".

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