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Maiko Tsugihara (次原 舞子, Tsugihara Maiko) is a minor character of City Hunter 2. She is a dancer.


Maiko is a beautiful young woman who maintains a healthy and fit physique due to her frequent dancing. She owns various outfits but is mostly seen in various leotards and a well made dancing costume for her big debut. As noted by Ryu's perverted eye, she mostly wears thongs due to her dancing occupation and even tried to force her to wear one of his own design which had his face crudely drawn on it.


Maiko Tsugihara was a small town girl and struggling dancer who moved to the city in order to make her dreams of being a professional dancer come true. She began her new life in the city by moving into the infamous "Zombie Room" near Ryo Saeba's Apartment but she soon discovered that her room had been visited by intruders during the night and that she was possibly being stalked. This led to Maiko begrudgingly hiring her new next door neighbor Ryo Saeba to act as her bodyguard during this time, but she could not foresee how perverted and desperate Ryo was, as he spent almost every waking moment flirting or peeping on Maiko, becoming just as bad as the actual stalkers to the point where he even got a job at Maiko's workplace to keep a perverted eye on her, which drove Maiko to her wits end.

Despite his perverted antics, Ryo proved a loyal and invaluable guard who protected Maiko from her true stalkers time and time again, eventually capturing them after learning that they were after a doll she had which contained a rare diamond they had stolen. Unfortunately, Ryo accomplished this by wrecking the theater stage and costing Maiko her job and reputation. To make up for this, Ryo would later use the diamond to help Maiko accomplish her dream of being a dancer after he gave up the owner's reward money, instead asking its owner, the famous theater producer Mr. Fushimi of the Fushimi Zaibatsu, to give Maiko the chance to dance on Broadway, a deal which he happily accepted due to noticing her potential talent during her big performance. Maiko would later learn from Mr. Fushimi about Ryo's sacrifice and swore to return to him one day.


Ryo Saeba[]

Initially annoyed by Ryu, even being distrusting of him due to her belief that he may have been her stalker, she still chose him to protect her and though she grew doubtful of him at times, he proved his dedication to her safety when it mattered. After he ruined her big debut though, Maiko grew to hate Ryo and refused to speak to him even though he had only been trying to protect her. Despite this, Ryo went the extra mile by refusing the reward money for the diamond and instead asking its owner Mr. Fushimi to give Maiko a job in Broadway. When Maiko learned about this from Mr. Fushimi, she became regretful of how she treated Ryo and seemingly fell in love with him, with Maiko swearing that she would return to Ryo one day once she became a successful dancing star on Broadway.