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Lupin the 3rd VS Cat's Eye (ルパン三世VSキャッツ・アイ, Rupan Sansei VS Kattsu Ai) is a 2023 ONA crossover between Monkey Punch's Lupin III franchise and Tsukasa Hojo's Cat's Eye franchise, prior to the latter series' 40th anniversary. It is set to be the third Lupin III crossover media after Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie and it is set to be the second Cat's Eye crossover media after the previous City Hunter The Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes film.


Meet the Cat's Eye, a trio of beautiful sisters who run a café during the day, while also phantom thieves who run the night splendidly and create commotion during the night. Their target is a set of "Three Paintings" left behind by their father. But the target is mutual by other factions who want the masterpieces for their respective ambitions, one of them is led by the greatest thief who never fails to steal his prey, Lupin III! Now it becomes a dream showdown between Lupin and the Cats where they clash before the story eventually leads to the amazing "secret" hidden in the pictures...


Cat's Eye[]

Character Japanese Cast English Cast
Hitomi Kisugi Keiko Toda Alicyn Packard
Rui Kisugi Rika Fukami Cristina Vee
Ai Kisugi Chika Sakamoto Deneen Melody
Toshio Utsumi Yoshito Yasuhara Ryan Colt Levy
Sadatsugu Nagaishi Mugihito Unknown
Lupin III Kanichi Kurita Tony Oliver
Daisuke Jigen Akio Ōtsuka Richard Epcar
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Daisuke Namikawa Lex Lang
Fujiko Mine Miyuki Sawashiro Michelle Ruff
Inspector Koichi Zenigata Koichi Yamadera Doug Erholtz
Heinrich Berger Takayuki Sugō Tom Tom Choi
Dennis Kirchmann Hiroki Tōchi
aka Denis Kirchmann
Keith Silverstein



  • In the beginning of the film. Ryo Saeba can be seen in the crowd twice as the Cat's Eye trio enter and exit the building.

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