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Love is Diving: When a Beauty puts on a Swimsuit is the seventh episode of City Hunter 3 anime series.



Ryo hits on Ayano

Ryo hits on Ayano

Evening, Suncity Hotel. Ayano is wearing purple swimsuit and a necklace and she is prepared to jump from a diving platform. She jumps and dives, and after that she swims backstroke. She gets out of the pool and stands before a window to look at her reflection in it. She says to herself that she never could wear such a bold, high-leg swimsuit which she is wearing now in front of a people. Suddenly, she hears Ryo Saeba's remark about that, in fact, she is already in front of another person. Ayano turns around, and finds Ryo sitting at the table near the pool. Ryo adds that it's fair of Ayano to hide her splendid figure. He comes closer to her and says that she has a trim, streamlined body and that high-leg swimsuits were made just for her. Ayano starts to become shy, and Ryo adds that he's not someone suspicious, but Ayano ran off him. Ryo said to himself that although he tried suave routine this time. it didn't work well, and added that he will be depressed now.

Ayano thanks Ryo

Ayano thanks Ryo for the rescue

Ayano gets captured by three thug-like men in black suits where one of them grabs her arm and she screams for help. Suddenly, he gets hit by a flying can thrown by Ryo and he falls down. Ryo notices that it's too extreme way to pick-up. Both thugs try to attack Ryo only to be beat down in a moment. They run screaming "Just you remember this!", and Ryo notices that's too typical response for them. Then Ryo asks Ayano if she is hurt, and she answers no, and thanks Ryo. She runs away, saying "I'm sorry" to him. Ryo wonders what kind of reation is that. Suddenly Ryo feels a person behind him. He faces that person, and finds out that this is Saeko Nogami, who accidentally hits him with high kick. She apologizes, and Ryo asks her reason for being here. Saeko says that she has no time to explain, and runs off. Ryo asks himself about what's going on.

Act 2[]

Ryo recognizes Ayano

Ryo recognizes Ayano

Morning, Ryo's apartment. Kaori Makimura asks Ryo just how late is he going to stay in bed, telling him that it's already a lunchtime. Kaori also tells him that a client is waiting for him. Ryo dresses up and goes to a living room. Kaori introduces him to a new client, who is Ayano. This time she is dressed in red sweater and blue jeans. Ayano and Ryo recognize each other, and Ayano thanks him for last night. Ryo says that he didn't recognized her immediately because of different hair style. Kaori asks him if Ryo knows her, and Ryo answers that Ayano is Miss Mokkori-High-Leg he met at the hotel pool, making Ayano's face red. Ryo asks Kaori about her changing her mind about female clients and Kaori tells him that Saeba Firm's finances won't allow them to be picky about clients.

Ayano tells them that she's a researcher who works with Professor Jean Louis Thoreau on his underwater research vessel. Kaori asks if this the famous Frenchman famous for his underwater documentary films, and Ayano confirms that. Ayano tells them after they completed research of the Hawaiian Islands, their research vessel was raided while they were at anchor. Ryo notices that culprit probably searched for something he couldn't find in Hawaii. Ayano tells Ryo that it's impossible because they only did some fundamental research. Kaori says that they are about to have lunch, and invites Ayano to it. Ayano rejects that offer and says that she has some work to do, so she will be going back.

Ryo an Kaori board Jean Louis Thoreau's ship, Laetitia. Ryo asks a man working on a deck about where's Ayano. That man proves to be Jean Louis Thoreau himself, who greets them. Jean Louis praises Kaori for her beauty making Kaori shy. Ayano approaches the ship on a water scooter. She is dressed in a wetsuit and she waves hand to Ryo, Kaori and Jean Louis. Ryo notices that Ayano doesn't wear a high-leg swimsuit today, and Jean Louis replies that Ayano doesn't have any.

Ayano adjusts diving cylinder

Ayano adjusts her diving cylinder

Ryo and Ayano are on the ship's deck. Ayano adjusts her diving cylinder. Ryo notices that Ayano looks used to doing it, and Ayano answers that it's part of her job. Ryo has "mokkori" moment and exclaims that "the wetsuit isn't bad either". Ryo reaches out to grabs Ayano's ass, but suddenly stop and says that's usually Kaori's hammer comes flying in such moment. Ryo takes a look and notices that Kaori talks to Jean Louis some distance away. Ayano says to Ryo that Jean Louis has a quick hand when it comes to women, and that Ryo will lose Kaori if Ryo won't guard her well. Ryo says that he is okay with that, and that he won't lose either. After that he exclaims "Mokkori!" and tries to grab Ayano, which causes her to drop her diving cylinder on Ryo's foot. Kaori calls him "a noisy bastard", and Jean Louis asks her if she is worried about Ryo. Kaori answers that she is not, and that she's worried about Ayano instead. Jean Louis laughs, and answers that Ayano's love is the ocean, and that she doesn't know how to love anything except of that. Because of that Ayano's defensive insticts keep men away from her.

Ship's cabin. Ayano in her casual dress bandages Ryo's foot and apologizes to him. Ryo says that Ayano is overdoing that, and that he's not an invalid who can't walk. Ryo adds that if something like this shocks her, she will never fall in love. Ayano blushes and says that she is always been like that, and when she even gets a chance, she becomes afraid and runs away from it.

Dusk. Ayano stands on the board and watches the sea. Ryo approaches her, and says that Ayano went to the trouble of buying a fashionable swimsuit, so she shouldn't be shy and she should learn to wear it boldly in public. Ayano turns her face way from Ryo and tells him that she doesn't have courage to wear it in public. Ryo says that Ayano must have seen many mystical sights, diving in the Seven Seas, but something more miraculous happens between a man and a woman. Ayano says "Mr. Saeba", and Ryo says that in such crucial moment Ayano should work up her courage and take one more step forward. Ayano repeats after Ryo "Work up my courage and take one more step". Ryo confirms that, and tells Ayano to be brave. Ayano makes a step forward to Ryo and steps on his foot. Ryo screams.

Ship's cabin. Kaori carries Ryo with a swollen foot to the cabin. Kaori calls Ryo "a troublesome bastard". Kaori asks Ryo if he's done anything weird again when no one was looking. She throws Ryo on the bed and calls him "an idiot". Ayano tells Kaori that Ryo hasn't done anything bad. Kaori apologized to Ayano for the scene, and tells her that although Ayano hired Ryo as a bodyguard, she can't let her guard down around him. Ayano says that it was true in the beginning, but just now she feels that she learned something very important. Kaori asks Ryo if it so, and says that she knows what Ryo is really thinking. Ryo says "just one more step to mokkori".

Night. A small truck approaches the ship. Jean Louis appears and says that the marine chart drafting graphics system he waited for so long is delivered. Three workers carrying a box board the ship. Suddenly Jean Louis notices that the box look too light, and one of the workers points a gun to him. Thugs asks about Ayano's wherebouts. Ryo fires his Colt Python and disarms a thug. Ryo says that they met again. Thug leader orders to kill Ryo, and a fight begins. Ryo manages to disarm all three bandits with one shot, causing them to panic and run away. Ryo calls them "a persistent bunch". Kaori asks about thug's target, and Ayano asks about the reason of her being a target. Jean Louis tells Ayano that Ryo is a pro who will fully protect them until they will leave a port the day after tomorrow. He adds that he and Ayano should put their trust to Ryo. Ayano says to himself, that "the day after tomorrow she will say goodbye to Mr. Saeba". Meanwhile, Saeko is seen watching the ship from a the pier, and she smiles.

Act 3[]

Next day, Kaori and Jean Louis receive a marine chart drafting graphics system delivered to them by real workers this time. They work to install it together. They finish it, and turn the system online, which makes them happy. Kaori blushes, and tells Jean Louis that he and Ayano travel all over the world with being just two of them. She asks him why Jean Louis has no interest in Ayano. He answers that Ayano is a partner in his work, and that she hasn't become a full-fledged woman yet. He adds that her feminine charms still have way to go. Kaori praises Ayano, and Jean Louis says that Japanese women are wonderful. Ryo interrupts them and tells that he hasn't seen Ayano around today. Jean Louis answers that Ayano is been shut in her room since noon, and she seems to be turning her closet upside down. Kaori angrily says to Ryo that he should know where everyone is since he is a bodyguard. Ryo says that he would like to travel the Seven Seas, but only with someone like Ayano as his assistant, not someone like Kaori. Ayano enters the cabin in a burgundy evening dress with same-colored heels and white evening gloves. She carries a brown handbag and wears the same necklace which she wore when she met Ryo for the first time. Ayano says that since she and Jean Louis will be departing Japan tomorrow, she wanted to show her gratitude to Ryo for being her bodyguard. She says that would like to invite Ryo to a dinner at a restaurant on a ship just ahead. Ayano asks Ryo if he accepts her invitation, and Ryo happily accepts it.


  • "Mr. Saeba, you were kissing me..."