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Love Forecast of Rain then Shine: The Beautiful Newscaster's Umbrella of Love is the ninth episode of City Hunter 3 anime series. It was originally aired on December 10, 1989.



Morning, and it's another boring day for Ryo Saeba. He turns on his TV, and sees a weather forecast. While watching it, Ryo notices a beautiful weather forecaster, and jumps to TV, calling her a "mokkori weather girl". The TV forecast continues, and a video screen is now seen behind her showing "Kei Amamiya Weather Report". Kei is seen with some cats. Ryo exclaims that it would be nice to show that to that "octopus" (meaning Umibozu). As Kei finishes her report, the text on a video screen changes to "XYZ", and Ryo understands that he just got a new client. He rushes out from the room, leaving Kaori Makimura alone.

Act 1[]

Meanwhile, Kei is still on a production site. She hands cat over to her director, and the latter says that he will take care of the rest. Kei says that she will be leaving now, and she starts running away. Nearby Kei fans notice her going home, and start pursuing her. Kei runs, with her fans running behind. Kei says to herself that she's doing well as usual, and that she feels light. Finally Kei manages to get rid of her fans by hiding in a back alley. Suddenly she hear a man saying to her that a woman with a sheen of sweat is beautiful. Kei looks to her side, and sees Ryo leaning to a wall near her. Kei remarks that she is not in an entertainment business, and she won't sign anything for him. Ryo answers that he already has a sign - a bold "XYZ" on TV. Kei asks him if he is Mr. Saeba, and Ryo confirms that. He adds that hearing such cold words from her lips may be caused by a coming of a cold front. Kei says "Cold from?", and Ryo grabs Kei hands and exclaims that he, Ryo Saeba, studies the relationship between crime, woman and weather. He adds that this can be called weather sociology (it's shown that Ryo has "A Weather Reader for Even the Most Amateur" book). Kei softenes, and tells Ryo if he is interested in the weather, then they have a common interest. Ryo answers that for him accepting this job is a blessing from Heaven, even divine fate. Kei smiles, and says that she thinks that she can easily talk to Ryo. Ryo becomes happy and tells Kei that they should go to a place where they won't be bothered to discuss the job. He leads Kei out of a back alley. Kei asks Ryo why doesn't he have an umbrella with him if the typical winter pressure pattern is breaking up? This question surprises Ryo, and he says that the weather is so nice. Kei gets a barometer out of her bag and shows it to him, telling that the barometer is dropping lower and lower. Ryo stares at a barometer, and says "Barometer?" Kei tells him that a barometer measures pressure, and it's a best way to determine local weather. Ryo becomes desperate since that was not written in his book. Ryo says to himself that he's a man of sunshine, and asks himself if has it ever rained when he was trying to capture a beauty. Kei becomes suspicious, and she asks Ryo if he knows anything about the weather. Ryo exclaims that Kei shouldn't underestimate him, and that weather forecasts started when the Meteorogical Agency was established in Meiji 3. Kei answers that in fact it was estalished on June 1st of the 8th year. Ryo corrects himself, and since that time the accuracy of the forecasts has not improved much beyond eighty percent. He adds that this means that mean that weather forecasts are wrong twenty percents of the time. Ryo points his hand at the sky and exclaims that Kei should look at the clear sky. But when Ryo looks at it, it's already became cloudy. Kei opens an umbrella, and a rain starts. Ryo starts laughing, and says to himself that eighty percent of forecasts still come true. A man appears behind Ryo and Kei. Kei tells Ryo that he still has a lot to learn about the weather, and she starts walking away. Ryo says to himself that if he will give up, the name of Mokkori Ryo will be ashamed. With that said, he jumps towards Kei, and Kei protects herself with her umbrella, throwing Ryo behind her. Ryo falls to the ground, and tells Kei that he haven't known tha an umbrella has such a use. Suddenly a cable is thrown on a wet ground near Ryo, and Ryo is striken with an electric shock. Kei notices that, and rushes to help Ryo. Kei manages to pick up the cable, and Ryo falls on the ground, saying "what an electrifying legs" to her. Kei sadly looks to Ryo, and says "Not again".

Act 2[]

Some time later, Ryo's apartment. Kei and Ryo enter his living room.


  • "How wonderful! You'll protect me, and on top of it, I get to talk about weather all day long!" - Kei to Ryo Saeba.
  • Ryo's mokkori attempt:
[Ryo tries to touch Kei]
[Kei hits Ryo with a keyboard]
Kei Amamiya
The weather is going downhill. Please be careful.
Ryo Saeba
Are you supposed to use keyboards like this?
[Ryo tries to touch Kei again]
[Kei hits Ryo with an umbrella]
Kei Amamiya
On days like today, do not forget your umbrella.
Ryo Saeba
I don't think you're using the umbrella right either.
[Ryo jumps on Kei]
Ryo Saeba
Ryo can't hold back anymore!
[Kaori hits Ryo with a hammer]
Kaori Makimura
This is the correct use of a hammer!
  • "Say, Mr. Saeba? Would you come with me to search for rainbows after the rain?" - Kei to Ryo Saeba.