Liu Xin-Hong (劉 信宏) is a childhood friend of Xiang-Ying and was referred to as Number 36 during training for the Zhuque Corps. He has developed feelings of affection for Xiang-Ying, and as a result, the trainers had Xiang-Ying and Xin-Hong face off in a fight to the death in the final exam.

Liu Xing Hong
劉 信宏
Gender: Male
Weapon: N/A
Affiliation: Taiwanese Mafia
Family: N/A
Manga: Angel Heart
Anime: Angel Heart
Voice Actors
Japanese: Chihiro Suzuki
Korean: N/A
English: N/A

Plot Edit

During his training by Zhuque Corps as a child, Xin Hong is known by Number 36. He formed feelings of affection for Xiang Ying, and as a result, Xiang Ying and Xin Hong faced off in the final examination in a battle to death. Xiang Ying got the drop on Xin Hong and killed her only mate, or so she thought, reluctantly. Somehow, he survived and was transferred to Zheng Dao Hui's Qinglong Corps.

In reality, Xin Hong has retained his desire to reunite with Xiang Ying as his motivating factor for living throughout this period. After the Xuanwu killed the Qinglong, Li Jiang Qiang allowed him to live a normal life to watch over Xiang Ying. Xin Hong, by the way, was also the assassin who snipped Li Qian De through the window of his hotel room. Li Jiang Qiang, however, did not hold him responsible for the death of his brother, knowing well that he was trained to follow orders, and that most of the soldiers and assassins working under him do not know who their leaders are.

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