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This page lists the names of places and buildings featured in the world of City Hunter.

  • Apartment
    The place where Ryo and Kaori lived.
  • NightClub Melody
    The boss of the nightclub acts as an informant for Ryo and the police.
  • Sunset 24
    A convenience store
  • Sun Mansion
    where Atsuki lives.
  • Superclab MaiHime(superclab is spelt as such in the anime)
    Featured in 'Missing Beauties' episode. The place where an informant told Kaori about, during her private investigation.
  • Pub & Snack Peter Pan
    The place where Ryo and Kaori ended up at after his insistence to have a drink and where Ryo's informant Lili showed up.
  • Boutique Olifue
    The boutique with underground levels, accessible through the changing room.
  • MYCITY shopping centre
    A large shopping centre featured in the cityscape.
  • Silky Club
    A club owned by the drug syndicate who assassinated Hideyuki.
  • Kotama Hospital
    The hospital where Iwasaki Megumi works.
  • Watabe Production Company Building
    The company where Satou Yumiko works. There is a huge picture of her hanging in the president's office.
  • Sunrise Airport
    An airport that also named the company created City Hunter.