Jian Qiang Li (李 堅強) is often referred to as "Master Li", he is the leader of Zheng Dao Hui and father of Xiang-Ying. However, his true involvement with Zheng Dao Hui is unknown as it was discovered that it was his twin brother, Li Qian-De who was calling the shots while Li Jian-Qiang was raising a family.

Personality & Appearance Edit

Li Jian Qiang
李 堅強
Gender: Male
Weapon: N/A
Affiliation: Taiwanese Mafia
Family: Xiang Ying
Manga: Angel Hart
Anime: Episode 5
Voice Actors
Japanese: Kinryu Arimoto, Hirofumi Nojima
Korean: N/A
English: N/A

Plot Edit

22 years ago, Ryo was requested to retrieve his brother, from a group of guerillas' captivity. After Qian-De's death, he takes over the duties of the Zheng Dao Hui. Li Jian-Qiang will never forget that his daughter was made into an assassin in his own organization despite his efforts to find her after the accident that killed her mother. He will never forgive himself for everything she had to go through. Although he would like to be reunited with Xiang-Ying, he knows that it is best that she not know her true parentage.

To that effect he requested Ryo to take care of her, knowing full well that she could never return to him. He is also the first to call her by her nickname, "Ah-Xiang" which is what he used to call her when she was so much younger. (It is common in Chinese culture to take someone's first name and add the prefix "ah" to it when addressing someone younger or in a friendly manner such as in a family). Ryo, Kaori and Saeko are the only other people who call her by this name.

Relationship Edit

Li Jian De Edit

His younger twin brother who acts as his shadow.

Xiang Ying Edit

His biological daughter who is also known as Glass Heart.

Ryo Saeba Edit

The sweeper whom he had commissioned previously.

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