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Kenny Field (ケニー・フィールド, Kenī Fīrudo) is the former partner Ryo Saeba and the father of Sonia Field who was killed by Ryo in a duel.


Kenny appears to have a large scar on his right eye.


Kenny is considered to be one of America's top sweeper and a former partner of Ryo Saeba who has a daughter named Sonia Field.

One day, Kenny is threatened by a large syndicate. If Kenny doesn’t kill Ryo, the syndicate will kill his daughter Sonia. Kenny, with no other choice, plans to duel Ryo. Before Kenny left to duel Ryo, Kenny tells his daughter Sonia to trust Ryo if something ever happens to him.

On the day of the duel Kenny forces himself to lose. Before Kenny dies he tells Ryo the truth on why Kenny duel Ryo. Kenny tells Ryo not to let Sonia get involved in the underworld, so she can have an ordinary life. Lastly, Kenny tells Ryo that he died in a traffic accident.


Sonia Field[]

Sonia is Kenny's daughter.

Ryo Saeba[]

Kenny and Ryo were great friends.