Keiichi Saeki
佐伯 啓一
Gender: Male
Weapon: N.A
Affiliation: Journalism
Family: N.A
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Anime: Episode 6
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Personality & AppearanceEdit

As a freelance journalist and from the photos he took, one would assume he travels vastly. His appearance can only be depicted from the photographs of him in the anime that Yumiko has retained, as well as from a keepsake of him in a pendant.


Keiichi is a freelance journalist who went missing in the MiddleEast but recent news of him unsettled his girlfriend Yumiko.


Satou YumikoEdit

Yumiko loves Keiichi dearly, who is everything to her and is afraid of losing him. To some extent, this relationship is partly why she shuns from love. She had wanted to end her life thinking that nothing is left for her after he's gone. However, she soon resolves to forget him.

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