Kathleen is the daughter of Umibozus last partner Heywood . Believing that Umibozu killed her father from behind, she seeks revenge. The only reason why she came to Japan and is from Dandy Jack , her " foster father to practice ", egged on Umibozu retaliation. Kathleen was ofDandy Jack trained over a period of 8 years to a professional killer. Not only that it is an accurate shooter, their responsiveness is always sharpened. Their fury and hatred Umibozu is blinded their minds. She has only one goal, and it can not be out of sight. When she Umibozu eye to eye and is aimed her gun at him, Kathleen is almost killed in an attack. Your a supposed enemy she owes it to survive. Kaori and Ryo talk Kathleen conscience with plausible arguments, but she is being stubborn and keeps them only for volatile excuses. The mourning for her father stoking their anger enormous and it is still too much under Dandy Jack's influence. Over time, however, Kathleen begins to slow in their decisions to falter and it sheds its Kaoris and Ryo's words in his ear. Furthermore, come to her earlier memories of high Umibozu and had completely forgotten how lovingly he had treated her. The combination of the arguments and their memories are the reason that the finger but not so easy sitting on the trigger. Now she wonders unsure who they should believe.

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