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Kasumi Asou (麻生 かすみ, Asou Kasumi) is a secondary character of the City Hunter series. She was one of Ryo Saeba's clients after Ryo himself finds out that Kasumi is Phantom 305, a night thief in the making with similar motives as to the members of Cat's Eye, during one escape while he was on a mission. He coined her as "The Flying Tush (in the anime)."

Although on her second appearance of the anime, she ends up working part-time for the Cat's Eye Cafe alongside Umibozu and Miki.


Kasumi has dark-green hair that has bangs swept to the right side with a few clumps of chest-length hair resting on her right shoulder, dark-green eyes, full pink lips and she has huge breasts especially for her age, much to Kaori Makimura's distraught.


Kasumi is a member of a proud clan of noble Robin Hood-like thieves who initially meets with Ryo Saeba early on in the manga before returning to him halfway through the manga. In Season 2 of the show, she was about to be engaged to a guy she didn't like as according to family tradition. The only way for her to break the engagement is to re-hire Ryo for it. At the end of the engagement break-up, she falls in love with Ryo and proposes to work as a part-time employee at Cat's Eye Cafe so that she can witness the day-to-day tasks that Ryo has whenever he visits.


  • Kasumi's name is different in two different languages:
    • In France, she is "Samantha".
    • In the Italian dub of the TV series, she alternated between either "Carmen Aselli", "Clara" or "Serena". To make things more confusing, she still was voiced by the same actress despite this.
  • The traditions of the Aso family require that the daughters will stop stealing and marry at age 20, with their groom chosen by the family among the best thieves around. The only way out is that the woman chooses their own candidate husband that will have to prove himself better than the chosen of the family... And this for Kasumi means Ryo Saeba, even if she didn't love him (yet).