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Kaori Makimura (槇村 香 Makimura Kaori), born Kaori Hisaishi (久石 香, Hisaishi Kaori), is the female protagonist of City Hunter. She is the adoptive younger sister of Hideyuki Makimura and the partner of Ryo Saeba after the death of her adoptive brother, Ryo's previous partner. She is primarily responsible for arranging clients and other managerial tasks, but she is just as often responsible for keeping Ryo's skirt-chasing in check.


Kaori has neck-length dark red-brown hair, brown eyes and she is taller than most men.

Although she's traditionally beautiful, a running gag shows that she is frequently mistaken for a bishōnen-looking man rather often due to her short hair and masculine personality and tastes, which often leads to embarrassing situations.


Kaori is an archetypal tomboy, preferring to present in masculine ways (keeping her hair short, wearing pants and suits rather than skirts and dresses, etc.). Her bishonen beauty has led both men and women to fall for her. Additionally, she is far more business-minded and serious than Ryo, who she frequently has to reprimand when his flirtations go too far.


City Hunter[]

Kaori’s parents divorced shortly after she was born, leaving her father Junichi Hisaishi to take her. Junichi eventually became a criminal, but was killed in a car chase and she was later adopted by Hideyuki Makimura’s dad, a detective who was pursuing her father.

At a young age, Kaori already knew how to wield a giant mallet.

In the manga, it was during junior high school when Kaori found out that she was adopted. After her father's death, Hideyuki became a cop, but left a few years later and Kaori was curious why Hideyuki left the police force. She eventually found out about her brother’s new occupation as a sweeper, although she originally thought it to be murder. But after meeting her brother’s partner Ryo Saeba, Kaori changes her mind and realizes Makimura’s true occupation.  

A few years later, Kaori meets Ryo again on the same date when they first met, but he doesn't remember her from before. During Kaori's birthday, Hideyuki gets killed by a group of gangsters. As Kaori becomes Ryo’s new partner, she takes over the role once served by her brother who is primarily responsible for arranging clients and other managerial tasks. 

Angel Heart[]

Kaori also appears in "Angel Heart", a work based on a parallel world of 'City Hunter' (more information).


Kaori inherited Hideyuki Makimura's Smith & Wesson Model 36 (Chiefs Special) snubnose revolver as a keepsake, which has a loading capacity of five rounds. However, due to Ryo Saeba's intervention of engineering the revolver into one which is unable to hit a target, Kaori's marksmanship thus remains currently poor and yet to be fairly concluded. This is done so that her hands would not be stained with blood and used only as self-defense.


Kaori's favorite weapon is a bazooka or a mallet (usually seen labelled 10 to 100 gigatonnes or divine retribution, etc.) to punish Ryo Saeba for his womanizing escapades. The mallet's use was only shown to strike in the manga, but it was also thrown like a boomerang in the anime.


Ryo Saeba[]

Kaori is in love with Ryo. Although in the beginning, it seems that he has no feelings towards her, but there are multiple hints of Ryo having feelings for Kaori as the series progress. Ryo's skirt-chasing escapades rouse her wrath repeatedly throughout the series, resulting in his punishment with her mallet usually. Although they frequently pick on fights or arguments, they actually form a great team together.

At the end of the manga, it is hinted that they got married (which now makes her Kaori Saeba).

Hideyuki Makimura[]

In reality, Kaori and Hideyuki share no blood relations as Kaori was brought back by Hideyuki's father while he was pursuing a suspect.

In fact, her real name is revealed to be Kaori Hisaishi (久石 香 Hisaishi Kaori).

Sayuri Tachiki[]

Sayuri is Kaori's biological older sister who is a career-woman who works at the "Weekly News Magazine" as the Editor-in-Chief. Both sisters carry a keepsake ring left by their birth mother. Sayuri initially wants to reunite with Kaori and intends to live in America together. However, she changes her mind as she didn't want to destroy what Kaori and Ryo Saeba shared (Tachiki is their mother's maiden name).

Junichi Hisaishi[]

Junichi is Kaori's biological father who is a criminal suspect that died in an accidental death. He was divorced with Kaori's mother and Kaori was just an infant when her foster father brought her home.


  • Kaori's name is different in two different languages:
    • In the Italian dub of the TV series, she is called "Kreta Mancinelli", but the Italian dubs of the movies and specials refer to her by her original Japanese name.
    • In France, her name is "Laura Marconi", but the French dubs of the movies and specials refer to her by her original Japanese name. However, for Shinjuku Private Eyes, she's back to being "Laura Marconi".
  • Kaori's character design is seemingly based from Ai Kisugi from Cat's Eye.
Tumblr p2p7wyOnH71tk8613o3 r1 500

Kaori in the outfit similar to Amelia Earheart's brown pilot outfit

  • One of Kaori's outfits shows a similarity to Amelia Earheart's brown pilot outfit in the early episodes.
  • Kaori owns and drives a Gen 1 1988 Fiat Panda 1000 CL MK2 in Teal color. Despite it being her car, Ryo Saeba drives it much more often than Kaori in the majority of the show. If her car is used, she drives Ryo's Morris Mini as an alternative vehicle.


Character Design[]