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Kanako Date (伊達 加奈子, Date Kanako) is a minor character of City Hunter 3. She is the heiress to a fortune and "the President of the Date Group, whose assets amount to forty billion." according to Ryo Saeba.


Kanako has black hair that is bushy at the ends with bangs hanging on the right side, brown eyes and full pink lips.

She is seen wearing a pink jacket suit that has white buttons, a knee-length pink skirt, a white scarf and heels and a black handbag.


Kanako hires Ryo Saeba and suddenly asks him to appear with her on a TV program as her "husband". This causes Ryo to become a target for Tooru Kazama, one of Kanako's suitors. Later, Ryo finds out that Kanako is a chairwoman of a Date Group, a large conglomerate which owns several buildings in Tokyo.

Ryo managed to defeat Kazama's men with a pachinko balls. Fascinated, Kanako offers Ryo to marry her, tempting him with a luxury life with her. But he answers, that Kanako won't meet a real man until she will be leaning only on the assets of the Date Group. Kanako decided to follow Ryo's advice, and she donated all of her assets to a social welfare organization. She began her life as an ordinary woman.


  • "Ever since we were married, he'll mokkori for me ten, twenty times a day. He's just like a walking, talking mokkori." - Kanako in the TV program.