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Hirotaka Kitao (北尾 博隆 Kitao Hirotaka) is a minor character of City Hunter. He is a police officer who wants to arrest Ryo Saeba.


According to Kaori Makimura and Saeko Nogami, Hirotaka bears a striking resemblance to Hideyuki Makimura where they talked about his appearance:

  • Saeko comments on how "the more I look at him, the more he looks like Makimura. Really exactly alike..." (Volume 29 Chapter 157)
  • Although Hirotaka and Hideyuki share the same appearance, Kaori comments that "looking carefully, he's really not the same as my brother... Action, Expression, Bearing, Thinking... Furthermore, Brother won't be that relax chatting with a woman..." She then thinks about how "Ryo might be right... Only his facial appearance is the same, the rest are completely different from brother... After discovering he's different from brother, I was able to set my mind at ease." (Volume 29 Chapter 158)


According to Saeko Nogami in Volume 29 Chapter 159, when Ryo Saeba wonders why Hirotaka wants to arrest him, she reveals to Ryo on Hirotaka's personal record that he has a older brother who "is also a cop. Hirotaka's parents meet a untimely demise, and has solely depended on his brother to raise him as an adult. That's why he respects his brother very much, and look up to him as a model, later Hirotaka became a cop! But six years before-- his brother, while on assignment, was locked on a struggle with a murderer... He was shot dead! Mr. Hirotaka personally arrested that murderer since then. Ever since Mr. Hirotaka has bear bitter hatred against murderer like people, carrying intense disgust against them... From among his reported prisoners, majority of them are murderer's by profession, were they are ranked."