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Hideyuki Makimura(槇村秀幸 Makimura Hideyuki) is the best friend and previous partner of Ryo Saeba who appears in the beginning.

Personality & Appearance

Hideyuki is the complete opposite of Ryo in character, he has a calm demeanor and is shown to be a neat person, capable of doing household chores and is a responsible person in regards to work. He wears severe myopia glasses. He is protective of his family. 


He was a former police detective with a strong sense of justice and a colleague of Saeko. After his resignation as a detective, he joined Ryo as a team partner of City Hunter. Besides confirming the assignments, gathering information was also his job Kaori takes over his role as Ryo's partner after he is murdered by the 'Union Teope' syndicate. In the anime, he was killed by a hired assassin sent by the 'Red Pegasus' drug organization.

He had intended to tell Kaori the truth about their relationship and her identity on her twentieth birthday but was murderd before he could do so. His dying request for Ryo is to take care of his sister.


Weapons & Transport

His favourite gun is the Colt Roman MK III. His favourite car is the first generation Mazda Carol. In the anime, he drove a yellow Volkswagen.


Kaori Makimura

Hideyuki was Kaori Makimura's foster brother in reality since they shared no blood relations. He had intended to share the truth with her on her twentieth birthday but wasn't able to carry it out in the end as he was murdered. His dying wish was to have Ryo take care of her. His small revolver was left behind to Kaori as a momento. As a brother, he cares for her a great deal.

Saeko Nogami

Hideyuki and Saeko Nogami were colleagues in the police department.

Ryo Saeba

Hideyuki is the best friend and partner of Ryo at the start of the series. He's a former police detective with a strong sense of justice. After he is murdered by gangsters, his dying request for Ryo was to take care of his sister.


  • This character had no given name initially and it was derived from a voice actor.