Haruka is a talented painter like her father. In Higuma gallery in which images of straight Kazutomo Fujino be issued, she sees a picture.Then they can announce that it is a fake, the image tears itself and escapes. . Haruka is haunted by Higumas people who want to kidnap them Ryo , who is once again on Mrs. Hunt, Haruka out of the hands of their attackers on one condition: You should arrange to meet Ryo.Though she met Ryo only, but follows him in his home. A short time later, she makes the acquaintance of Kaori . Thanks Ryo's little lie, thinks Haruka Kaori would be his brother and do homosexual. But Haruka is surprisingly excited because she is not afraid of gays and estimates their behavior ( eg politeness ). They would like to help Kaori and I can not let Kaori want a closer look. Haruka is too curious and checks if Kaoris Bust is genuine and would like to know if she is wearing lingerie. In Kaori is corroborated the suspicion Haruka prefer the female gender. The misunderstanding cleared up, but Haruka still remains an inquisitive girl. As Ryo Haruka model comes Saeko is passing by and watched Haruka. Quite unexpectedly leaves fall Saeko a pointed remark and Haruka feels addressed. The following night, she explained Ryo the relationship between her and the image Higuma. You simply owe it to her father and can not view it with what Higuma fabricated with the images. Background information: The picture is called "My daughter." 'The girl, what you see in the picture, the artist himself Haruka is her father - Kazutomo Fujino, who died early at age 35. 'After his death, all the paintings were sold and donated to several museums. 'But this picture of Haruka could not part with, because they can still remember how her father she has portrayed. 'Furthermore, this is Haruka's single memory of her father. 'Higuma Fujinos paints pictures and sells them to the originals. 'Higuma was once a student of Fujino. 'He believes that Haruka has the real painting with him and can reveal him as a forger. 'Sometimes determined 'Saeko' against an art forger ring, only it lacks substantial evidence.

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