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Hanahime (花姫) is a minor character of City Hunter. She is a Heike princess.


Hanahime has messy brown hair that has bangs covering either side of her face (depending on which way she turns) with shoulder-length hair strands and brown eyes.

She wears two different outfits:

Mountain Valley[]

Hanahime was first seen wearing a short green kimono which extends to mid-thigh that has a purple shirt underneath with blue flower designs and pink-purple sash wrapped around her waist, two light blue arm wraps with below the knee light blue socks and two brown arm straps with brown gladiator sandals.


During her stay in Tokyo, Hanahime later changes her appearance by tying up her hair in a ponytail and wearing modern casual clothing chosen by Ryo Saeba; a lime green sweetheart shirt that has a short sleeve on the right side and her left shoulder is left bare while there is a cut in the middle, a light blue skirt that has red belt with a white heart-shaped belt in the middle, two red bracelets on her right arm, a white elbow-length glove on her left arm and white heels with straps. According to him, he tells Kaori Makimura that there is "no choice with her attracting attention with those clothes and that hair." while being targeted by two men.

Upon seeing her stunning appearance, she gets compliments from many people on the streets such as:

  • "Is she a model?" - Male
  • "Isn't she an actress?" - Male
  • "She's nice!" - Male
  • "Very chic and beautiful!" - Female
  • "Such elegant taste." - Male

Aside from that, four men has called her affectionate names and asked her to go out with them like:

  • "Looking good, beautiful lady! Have some tea with me?" - Guy #1
  • "Hey, would you like to dance all night at a disco?" - Guy #2
  • "Hey, high-flying babe! You wanna fly along Shonan Beach with me, to the purr of my twin-cam engine?" - Guy #3
  • "Hey, baby, let's go somewhere and have a little fun. Whacha' say?" - Guy #4


  • Because Hanahime lived in the mountains, she doesn't know about the modern life in Japan.