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Donald Mag

Donald Mag (ドナルドマグ, Donarudomagu) is a fast food restaurant and minor recurring location in Tsukasa Hojo's City Hunter manga and anime.

Donald Mag is a duck-themed American fast food chain located in one of the worst streets in the city which is constantly plagued by violent gang wars perpetrated by three rival gangs. Because of the bloody gang wars, eight managers have died over the course of a year.



The late managers of Donald Mag

The deceased managers

The Donald Mag in Shinjuku has had many managers, many of which died within the span of a single year due to the constant gang wars that plague its street, resulting in the Donald Mag and its managers often being littered with bullet holes. In honor of their deaths, the portraits of each murdered manager is hanged on the wall of Donald Mag, with a reserved space always available for the next manager who bites the dust.


Donald Mag boss

The "Boss"

The "Boss" was the eighth known manager of Shinjuku's Donald Mag. A high-strung and very stressed man who could not stand the presence of Donald Mag's most frequent customer Ryo due to his constant tomfoolery and perverted antics, which usually ended up driving his female employees away.

He was very protective of his staff because of this and always acted with extreme hostility towards Ryo, often throwing him out or outright banning him from his shop whenever he sexually harassed his workers. Unfortunately, this did little to dissuade the hot-blooded mercenary who always came back regardless of the manager's objections, although Ryo would claim that he always got along with the managers.

He also had little tolerance for the local three gangs who tormented his restaurant due their violent shootouts and the possibility that they would kill him next, but he did maintain a civil relationship with the friendliest gang of the three gangs who often apologized for the trouble they caused and would even pay for any damages caused by the actions of their rivals, although the Boss had little tolerance for when they started arriving in larger numbers in order to ogle his newest cashier, Yuki, but there was little he could do about it due to fearing for his own life, and in the end he found common ground with their leader due to their mutual dislike for Ryo's perversity.

Tragically, like many of those before him, he met his end at his restaurant just as Ryo predicted, likely due to the many gang wars, and his portrait was hung on the wall of murdered managers.

9th Manager[]

The 9th Manager of Donald Mag was the successor to the "Boss" following his untimely end. Unlike the "Boss" though, the 9th manager was far more relaxed and humbled, even getting along splendidly with Ryo who he maintained a friendship with. He was even willing to give Ryo a job at Donald Mag as a favor to him after Ryo sought to get closer to Donald Mag's newest employee, Maiko Tsugihara who was the latest object of lust for the always active Ryo.


Donald Mag staff

Donald Mag employees

Donald Mag mostly employs young women to work their restaurant, with most of their staff made up of waitresses, cashiers and other crew members, although new girls rarely lasted and would often quit not long after starting due to either the violent gang wars or most notably due to the flirtatious antics of Ryo who would often come to Donald Mag just to flirt with its girls or engage in some perverted fondling. Despite this, a small number of female employees remained consistent and were never seen bothered by Ryo's actions, and even reigned in the Boss's temper tantrums whenever he became too frustrated over Ryo's shenanigans.

Notable Employees[]


Donald Mag order
  • Hamburgers
    • American Big Burger - A large burger with two beef patties.
    • Taiyaki Burger - A burger with a taiyaki placed in the middle. Price: ¥470
  • Fries
  • Hot Dogs - Price: ¥260
  • Salad - Price: ¥250
  • Sodas
    • Coke
    • Melon Soda
    • Sunrise Shake (サンライズシェイク, Sanraizusheiku) - Price: ¥250


Donald Mag mascot

Donald Mag's mascot

  • It is a parody of McDonald's and its "American Big Burger" is a reference to McDonald's signature Big Mac.
  • Their duck mascot Donald that was seen on their posters is likely a reference to the cartoon character Donald Duck.
    • Their second duck mascot Howard that was seen on their trays may also be a reference to Howard the Duck, whose movie had been released in the same year as Donald Mag's debut.
  • The Mamarinko promotional glasses sold at Donald Mag are a parody of the 1985 manga series Paparinko Monogatari which also had a rare line of collectible glasses sold at Japanese Mister Donut shops during the 1980's for a limited time.