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Denai (デナイ) is a minor character of City Hunter.


Denai has short orange hair, blue eyes and she wears round green earrings.


Denai is a part of sibling trio consisting of her, Geruma and Sabou, which was hired to assassinate Ryo Saeba.


Denai talks to Umibozu

Denai talks to Umibozu

Denai is seen posing as secretary in an office building. She tells Umibozu that they've been waiting for him, and that he can proceed inside if he likes, actually leading Umibozu to a trap. Later she's seen in the elevator leaving the building, while Umibozu fights with a helicopter operated by her accomplices. Denai notes, that although she heard that Umibozu was an expert at traps, leading him to one was too easy.

Later, Denai, Geruma and Sabou are watching slides dedicated to Ryo and Kaori Makimura. The mysterious man comments that after they had eliminated Umibozu (which is actually not true), they as members of Lodos Mafia have only one target left, meaning Ryo Saeba. He adds that Ryo is the only obstacle to their activities in Tokyo, and therefore he must be liquidated. However, it's not a simple to deal with him, so they need to use his weakness. The mysterious man switches to slide with Kaori, and says that this girl is a weakness of Ryo, and can be called his Achilles heel. Sabou adds that they can use Kaori to take out Saeba. Geruma says that if they three siblings will fail, they'll atone with their deaths. The mysterious man replies that it's correct, and a failure won't be tolerated, so they shouldn't forget rules of Lodos Mafia. Denai is seen polishing her nails, and suddenly she throws her nailfile to the screen, piercing Kaori's image.

Some time after, Denai is seen preparing for a masquerade ball. She is applying poisonous lipstick, and says that getting their hands on that trump card (meaning Kaori) may be not necessary. Denai also says that she will handle Ryo alone quite nicely. She looks to her hand mirror, and adds that she's sorry for both of them, but she will handle Ryo.

Some time later Ryo and Denai are seen standing alone in the arcade, which implies that Denai managed to attract Ryo's attention. Ryo says that he's glad to have met someone as beautiful as her, and that he's a very happy man today. Denai answers that it looks that this will become a night they'll both remember. Ryo remarks that Denai's lips are red as blood, which feels like a dangerous scent. Denai asks Ryo if he wants to see it. Meanwhile Kaori manages to break off from girls who wanted to dance with her, and notices Denai and Ryo going for a kiss. Kaori steps on the hem of Denai's dress, breaking their kissing attempt (and thus saving Ryo's life), and exclaims that she's sorry, pretending that it was not on purpose. Denai angrily asks Ryo about who Kaori is. Ryo replies that she is just another drunk. Kaori again mockingly apologizes for bothering them, and suggest them to go ahead. Denai replies that her mood had been ruined, and that she'll find Ryo later. She walks away, and Ryo runs after her, pleading her to wait.