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Daisuke Serizawa (芹沢 大助 Serizawa Daisuke) is a minor character of the City Hunter 2 series. He is the fourth leader of a yakuza group called Kantou Kichijo Gumi and the late husband of Ayako Serizawa.


According to Ryo Saeba, he comments that Daisuke is a "middle aged man with scary facial features."


According to Ryo Saeba, when he remembered the name Daisuke Serizawa after he looked on the gravestone, he reveals that "Serizawa was the biggest boss in this area, and he was called the last traditional yakuza. Last year, when the boss passed away, his associate, Ootone, established his own group, the Itsukaichi Kai, and they're trying to take over the territory of the Kichijo Gumi."

He also reveals that "the guys we saw at the graveyard approached Ms. Ayako in order to get the Territorial Title certificate."

Masaichi then tells Ryo "that wasn't the first time that Madame has been in danger."


  • On Daisuke's gravestone, it is said that he "died in 1988, fifty-nine years old." when Ryo Saeba reads it out loud.
    • According to his gravestone, it read that Daisuke was born in 1929 and he died in 1988.