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City Hunter -XYZ- (シティーハンター-XYZ-, Shitī Hantā -XYZ-) is a one-shot chapter as the basis for the City Hunter manga series.  


After coming home from a business trip in America, the City Hunter Ryo Saeba is hired by a scientist named Mitsuko Shimizu to protect her from a syndicate, but in case she is caught by the syndicate, Ryo should kill her.



This one-shot masterpiece won the Readers' Award as well as the Winning Award in Issue 18 from Weekly Shounen Jump. Its sequel "City Hunter - Double Edge" was also serialized under the same publication. These two one-shots became the basis for the current "City Hunter" series we know from 1985's Issue 13 to 1991's Issue 50.


  • This manga does not take place in the same City Hunter universe.
  • Despite not being in the same universe, it was later adapted into an anime episode in the City Hunter anime.


  • Tsukasa Hojo originally wanted to make a manga spinoff based on the minor Cat's Eye character Misato Kamiya. Hojo stated that he thought it would be a good idea to go to America and collect data for research. However, he ended up getting worn out instead.