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The Barefoot Actress (裸足の女優の巻, Hadashi no Joyū no Maki) is the third volume of the City Hunter manga.

Chapter Summaries[]

009. An Unbalanced Gang[]

Ryo goes to rescue Sayaka after getting kidnapped by a bike gang. After that, Ryo finally cut ties with Nobuo.

010. The Waiting Little Girl[]

Sayaka moves in to Ryo and Kaori's apartment. But Sayaka also wants to know about Ryo's profession.

Sayaka eventually joins Ryo in his next case. This time, a guy name Hagio, who is a fall guy of a politician, hires Ryo to fake his death, so that Hagio can see his daughter again.

011. The Barefoot Actress[]

The City Hunter is hired by the president of Watanabe Productions to protect the actress Yumiko Sato, who had numerous close encounters of getting killed during filming. Ryo is tasked to pretend as Yumiko's new manager, due to Yumiko's dislike in bodyguards.

012. Panic At The Shooting[]

Yumiko finds out that Ryo is a bodyguard. Later on, Ryo finds out more about Yumiko's past. Yumiko reveals that she has hired a hitman named Umibozu to kill herself. Ryo on the other hand, knows who Umibozu is.