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The General's Trap! (将軍の罠!の巻, Shōgun no Wana! no Maki) is the second volume of the City Hunter manga.

Chapter Summaries[]

006. The Generals Trap[]

As the Union Teope makes its move. Ryo and Kaori make their move to destroy the Union Teope syndicate.

007. Don't Tolerate Scoundrels[]

Nobuo Ryuujin, the president of Ryujingai, wants to hire City Hunter as a bodyguard after Nobuo’s office was destroyed by the Union Teope. But Ryo only wanted to take the money, since he never trusted Nobuo, and knows he is a Yakuza boss.

008. The Dangerous Tutor[]

Nobuo Ryuujin threatens Ryo to take his money back. But Ryo spends it all in one week. So Ryo has to take a job request to repay Nobuo.

All Ryo needs to do is to protect Nubuo’s sukeban daughter Sayaka Ryuujin. What can go wrong?