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The Angel Dust of Fear (恐怖のエンジェルダストの巻, Kyōfu no Enjeru Dasuto no Maki) is the first volume of City Hunter manga.

Chapter Summaries[]

001. Ten Seconds of Dishonor[]

Shunichi Ogino, a boxer is shot in a park by his rival Inagaki. Ogino's girlfriend Megumi Iwasaki, a doctor with cancer, hires City Hunter to assassinate Inagaki.

002. The BMW Devil[]

Yuuko Azuki is kidnapped by a serial rapist who drives a black BMW. Her sister, Natsumi Azuki hires City Hunter to bring the serial rapist to the police. But Ryo has a different plan to catch the serial rapist.

003. The Shooter From The Darkness[]

Ryo, while investigating a kidnapping case, is interrupted by his partner Makimura. Makimura asks Ryo for help to find his younger sister Kaori who has been missing for 2 days.

004. The Angel Dust Of Fear[]

It's Kaori's birthday! Makimura plans to tell Kaori that she is adopted. But wasn't able to tell her since the Union Teope syndicate killed Makimura. His sister Kaori becomes Ryo's new partner.

005. A Pretty Partner[]

Ryo and Kaori are on the blacklist of the Union Teope. Both of them plan to move to a different place. But Ryo changes his mind after an incident on the bus.