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City Hunter The Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes is a theatrical movie produced by Aniplex and animated by Sunrise. It premiered in Japan on February 8, 2019. A sequel is in the works, as of April 2022.

Kenji Kodama returns as director of this film.


Set in present-day Shinjuku, Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura return to protect their client, Ai Shindou, a model who's being attacked by mysterious people and unknowingly holds the key to a vast city-wide conspiracy.


Character Japanese Cast English Cast
Ryo Saeba Akira Kamiya Stephen Fu
Kaori Makimura Kazue Ikura Morgan Lauré
Ai Shindou Marie Iitoyo Tia Ballard
Saeko Nogami Harumi Ichiryūsai Marissa Lenti
Umibozu Tesshō Genda Chris Rager
Miki Mami Koyama Michelle Rojas
Shinji Mikumi Kōichi Yamadera Christopher Wehkamp
Makoto Shimoyamada Takuya Kirimoto Jim Foronda
Hitomi Kisugi Keiko Toda Alexis Tipton
Rui Kisugi Keiko Toda Dawn M. Bennett
Ai Kisugi Chika Sakamoto Megan Shipman


The film debuted #4 at the Japanese box office,[1] where it has grossed ¥1,404,747,320 ($12.16 million) as of 17 March 2019.[2]



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