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City Hunter-Double Edge- (シティーハンター -ダブル・エッジ-, Shitī Hantā - daburu ejji -) is a sequel to the one shot manga City Hunter -XYZ-.


The leading actress for upcoming Double Edge play Keiko Oohara hires Ryo Saeba to kill her leading man Shinichi Kanamori, who has turned into a murderer in order to succeed his role as a murderer in the upcoming Double Edge play.


Ryo Saeba[]

A sweeper who is known to be called as City Hunter.


She is the assistant of Ryo.

Keiko Oohara[]

An actress and the female lead for the Double Edge play. She hires Ryo to kill Shinichi Kanamori.

Shinichi Kanamori[]

A popular actor and the male lead for the Double Edge play. Shinichi, worried that he might not succeed in his role as a murderer, decided to become a murderer so he can succeed in his role as a murderer.


  • This manga sequel does not take place in the same City Hunter universe.