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City Hunter: Goodbye My Sweetheart (グッド・バイ・マイ・スイート・ハート) is the second TV special of the City Hunter anime series.

A mysterious terrorist dubbed as the "Professor" shows up in Japan to challenge the Japanese police. On the other hand, Ryo and Kaori receives a request from an actress to search for her elder brother who went missing thirteen years ago. An outrageous game begins in the city of Shinjuku.


Act 1[]

The story starts at Narita airport, where a suspicious man passing a border control. He is recognized as criminal knows as "Professor", and Saeko Nogami and her colleagues try to apperehend him, but "Professor" manages to leave them behind.

Meanwhile, Ryo is apprehended by Shijuku hostesses and their boss, Erika, for not paying his debts. They tickle Ryo until he agree to pay his debts.

Act 2[]

At the Shinjuku Kageki Dan Theatre, a meticulous performance rehearsal is in progress, with Emi Makaze as a leading role in the forthcoming show. Following the rehearsal, Emi stumbles upon an intriguing surprise in her dressing room: an arrangement of black roses, an enigmatic gesture that piques her curiosity.

Some time later, in MyCity mall, Ryo and Kaori are going to check a local blackboard at MyCity mall for potential job opportunities. However, Kaori's attention is magnetically drawn to a poster featuring none other than Emi Makaze herself. Meanwhile, Ryo finds a new request for his services originating from someone called "Emi." With a sardonic tone, Ryo comments on Kaori's preferences, suggesting that he could easily introduce her to someone like Emi at any moment. Infuriated by his remarks regarding Emi, Kaori attacks Ryo with her hands, threatening to "rip his mouth and sew it back on with string." However, their altercation is abruptly halted by a woman who inquires whether Ryo is a City Hunter. Kaori directs her gaze towards the newcomer and identifies her as none other than Emi Makaze herself. Emi expresses her intention to engage Ryo's services, and despite initial hesitation, he eventually consents to the proposition, influenced by Kaori's "persuasive" tactics.