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City Hunter: Bay City Wars (ベイシティウォーズ) is the first City Hunter movie, released on August 25, 1990.

In a corner of Tokyo Bay lies the completion of a futuristic city, Bay City. While Kaori Makimura and Miki attend the inauguration of the hotel, a deposed autocrat of the Costello Republic, General Gilliam, his daughter and his troops show up as well, with revenge plans of his own.  With the nuclear missile system at their hands, the police and the US forces could only rely on Ryo Saeba and Umibozu to face this threat.


Act 1[]

Night city. Luna Gilliam is seen walking along the shopping street. Then a man (who is actually Umibozu) is seen hiding in a back alley just near from the street. He notices Luna, and starts pursuing her. She notices Umibozu, and starts running along the street, trying to break from him. After some time she turns to the back alley, and stumbles upon Ryo Saeba. As always, Ryo is quite happy to meet a woman, and he asks her where she is going in such a hurry.

Ryo grabs Luna

Roy grabs Luna's hand

Ryo grabs her hand, and adds that he is really lucky to have come across a woman like her. Luna pulls out her hand, and yells that he must let her go since she is in a hurry. She notices Umibozu running to her, and Ryo asks her if she is running away from someone. He also says that that's alright and that he will help her.

Umibozu and Ryo fight for Luna

Umibozu and Ryo fight for Luna

Suddenly he gets thrown away by Umibozu, who grabs Luna's hand. Umibozu tells to Ryo that he's going to keep Luna. Ryo angrily responds that he spoke to Luna first. Umibozu starts walking away with Luna, and Ryo jumps at him, yelling that Umibozu has Miki, and that it's unacceptable for him to flirt with other woman. Umibozu tries to hit Ryo, but Ryo bites his hand. Enraged Umibozu hits Ryo against the wall, and Ryo uses his ultimate weapon - a kitten, which causes Umibozu to freak out. Umibozu tries to run, but Ryo reaches him and uses a cat to torture Umibozu for some more time. This fight shocks Luna for some time, but when she gets a hold of herself and she escapes, by jumping to her father's limo.

Luna, Gilliam and Claude in limo

Luna, Gilliam and Claude in limo

Umibozu tries to enter Ryo's car, and since he fails to fit inside, he just rips off driver's seat to fit. He start pursuing Luna's limo, with Ryo forced to join him on the top of the car. However, after a short race, Umibozu and Ryo are stopped on the bridge by AA-gun of Gilliam's troops, fire of which forces Umibozu to drive off the bridge into a water, thus breaking a pursue.

Act 2[]

Ryo asks Luna

Ryo asks Luna about her father's intentions

Some time later, Luna is seen exiting an elevator. She walks along the corridor, saying to herself some code sequences. Suddenly she hears shots, and when she turn around, she sees Gilliam's soldiers down wich Ryo Saeba standing. Luna grabs her gun and tries to shoot him, but Ryo manages to approach her and grabs her hand with a gun, disarming her. Ryo asks her what is her father is up to. Luna turns her face away and answers that her father wants to take revenge against United States. She adds that United States invaded her country and has driven her father out. Then she turns her face back to Ryo and asks him is he came to find her.

Luna pleads Ryo

Luna pleads Ryo to join her father

Luna puts her head to Ryo's chest and tells him that he is quite good and that she would feel more secure if Ryo would become her father's bodyguard. She pleds Ryo to leave her father alone. Then Luna raises her head, closes her eyes and starts moving her face towards to Ryo, waiting for him to kiss her. However, Ryo breaks from Luna'a embrace and sternly asks her where his partner is.

Luna warns Ryo

Luna warns Ryo about the elevator

Luna answers that the room she is in will explode in a few minutes. Ryo asks her where is that room, and Luna tells him that it's on 35th floor. Ryo runs to an elevator, followed Luna's words that this elevator in a freight one, that it goes only up to a roof, and that she wonders if Ryo will make it. Luna also exclaims that Ryo won't ruin her father's plan, and Ryo leaves the floor on an elevator.

Act 3[]

Luna hacks US defense system

Luna tries to hacks US defense system...

Luna managed to hack US defense system

... and she is successful in that

Luna is seen again in the hotel's basement, operating a terminal and hacking the US defense system. She inputs a sequence, and her father unpatiently asks her if she is finished. Luna answers that he should calm down, and that there're three sequences left before she can access it, and that she's close. Luna continues, and Kaori Makimura (taken as a hostage by them) suddenly shouts that they won't get away with that, and that they'll go to Hell if they do it. Claude points his gun at Kaori and threatens to silence her if she won't shut up. Luna manages to successfully input last sequence, and she gets access to the US defense system. She exclaims that she now has an access established, and that the only thing they have to do is to retarget the missiles. General Gilliam praises Luna, and he says that Americans' missiles will rain down on their own country. He exclaims that aggressors will receive the just anger of Gilliam, the greatest leader ever. Kaori says that he is insane.

Luna hesitates

Luna hesitates for a moment...

After some time, Luna is seen again. She says to General Gilliam that she is ready to launch the missiles, and he answers that she can go ahead. Kaori angrily shouts "No" and asks Luna why is she doing this. General Gilliam orders Kaori to shut up, but Kaori exclaims again that this isn't worth the price that Luna will pay for that.

Luna decides to press button

...but decides to press a button

Luna hesitates for a moment, but inputs a launch code. Lina says with a triumphant face "Adios, America!", and she raises her hand to press "Enter". But suddenly she gets interrupted by a shot. Luna looks away from a terminal and sees Ryo Saeba aiming his gun on her in a doorway. Ryo warns Luna not to touch a keyboard. He adds that he knows that Luna is not that evil. Luna angrily looks at Ryo, while Kaori runs to him. Ryo asks Kaori if she's alright, and Kaori nods. Ryo notes that food that Kaori had hidden under the table was delicious. General Gilliam suddenly laughs, and Ryo asks him about the reason for that. General shows Ryo a remote control and tells him that he can blow the entire hotel by just pressing one button. He approaches Luna, and orders her to commence the revenge. Ryo says that Luna shouldn't do it, and that she doesn't need to risk her life on a stupid thing like that.

Luna does not believe Ryo

Luna is confident that Ryo won't shoot her

Luna smugs, and tells Ryo that if he is going to shoot her, he can do it. But she knows that Ryo won't shoot a woman. Luna starts moving her hand towards a keyboard, and Ryo aims his gun at her. He prepares to fire, but suddenly a window brokes, and someone fires a grenade launcher at the super computer core, effectively destroying it.

Luna fails to launch rockets

Luna fails to launch rockets

Luna frantically hits the keyboard, but it has no effect, and she sees the "Error" message. Luna exclaims, that she got a "transfer error". Gilliam shouts that the super computer destroyed. Meanwhile the person who shot the super computer appears, and it's Umibozu accompanied by Miki. Umibozu notes that this is a way how a person should turn off an appliance. He says to Ryo that this was too much for a rookie like Ryo to handle, and that only a real expert like Umibozu can finish the job. Ryo angrily responds that this was Umibozu's mission in the first place. General Gilliam angrily shouts that he will send all of them to Hell, and he presses the button on a remote control, causing multiple explosions in the hotel. Then he grabs his gun and tries to shoot Ryo, only to be shot by Ryo before. General Gilliam, being hit in his shoulder, steps down, and touches the ruined computer, which causes him to get an electric shock damage which knocks him down.

Ryo rescues Luna

Ryo rescues Luna

Luna exclaims "Papa" in shock, and runs to him, but the ceiling starts collapsing, which stops her. Ryo runs to Luna, and grabs her hand, leading her away from the collapsing hotel. Umibozu, Miki, Kaori and Ryo with Luna run away from the hotel, together with remaining Gilliam's troops. The hotel collapses.

Act 4[]

Luna is arrested

Luna is arrested

The next morning. Luna sits on the ground with a sad face, perhaps mourning her own father, with Saeko Nogami standing behind. After a moment Luna is seen for a last time, being escorted by a policewoman.