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Four novels have been spanned in the franchise, written by 4 different authors,
while all illustrations are drawn by Tsukasa Hojo. Published by Shueisha.

Novel Titles & Light Synopsis
City Hunter 1 Released: 1993, April 26th 
Author: Sotochi Shoji (外池省二)
In the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, Ryo and Kaori returns.  This volume unravels some backstories of many of the main characters like Ryo, Kaori, Hideyuki and Saeko; and also features a man who was once apprehended by Hideyuki and back for revenge.
City Hunter 1 Special Released: 1995, December 15th
Author: Amou Saya (天羽 沙夜)
James, a VIP, shows up in Japan with a request for Ryo and his friends, his mission - to protect a lady from danger. As the hidden truth is unraveled, a past that would have been forgotten gets revived.
City Hunter 2  Released: 1997, April 24th
Author: Inaba Minoru (稲葉 稔)
The target is - a cat?! A request from Yuuka, a mysterious Chinese beauty, for Ryo and Kaori to search for her beloved pet. However, a formidable trap lies in wait by the Chinese Mafia.
City Hunter 2 Special  Released: 1999, April 2nd
Author: Kishima Nobuaki (岸間 信明)
This volume is the novelization of the TV anime series. A lady's request for protection is made to Ryo and friends. On the other hand, they also ended up on the TV coverage as kidnappers...